S.NoComponent and Budget (Rs.Mn.)SDG Target NoSub Component and Budget (Rs.Mn.)OutcomesBroad Activity Areas OutputBudget (Rs.Mn.)
1Provision of Quality passenger Service – of amenities for passenger – 18.2No of  amenities Bus Stand Yards2937411.1.1 Construction of  the Bus Stand Yard Bus Stand Yard11.9
No of  amenities Maintained Bus Stand & Yards1018221.1.2 Continuously, Developed & Maintenance Transport FacilitiesMaintained Bus Stand & Yards2.5
No of  Developed Vehicle Parking  at Bus Stand Premises for Public Transport Passengers0471.1.3 Constrction of the Vehicle ParkingVehicle Parking  at Bus Stand Premises       3.8
1.2 Enhance comfort and safety of passengers  – 5.8No of  Sanitary with Optimal Facilities near the bus stand1015181.2.1 Construction of the SanitarySanitary with Optimal Facilities5.8
1.3 Developing passenger friendly attiude among bus crew – 1.0No of Trained, Motivated  & Passenger Friendly Bus Crew887250030001.3.1 Conduct Refresher Course &  Quality improvement activity  for Drivers & ConductorsNo of Training Programme & Trained bus crew1.0