Bus Stands in the Southern Province


Ahangama Bus StandMatara Road, AHANGAMA
Ambalangoda Bus Stand0912256700Ambalangoda. AMBALANGODA
Aviththawa Bus StandAviththawa. AVITHTAWA
Baddegama Bus Stand0913021255Baddegama. BADDEGAMA
Balapitiya Bus StandGalle Road, BALAPITIYA
Batapola Bus Stand (Uduwila)0912260092Elpitiya Road, BATAPOLA
Elpitiya Bus Stand0912290448Main Street, ELPITIYA
Galle Bus Stand0913938575Main Street GALLE
Habaraduwa Bus StandMatara Road,
Hikkaduwa Bus StandHikkaduwa. HIKKADUWA
Imaduwa Bus Stand0912287012Akuressa Road, IMADUWA
Karandeniya Bus StandElpitiya Road, KARANDENIYA
Karapitiya Bus Stand-Karapitiya, KARAPITIYA
Mapalagama Bus Stand0913021258Mapalagama. MAPALAGAMA
Near The Old Bus Stand Bus Halt -R- ThalgaswalaNiyagama, THALGASWALA
Pitigala Bus-Stand0912290983Pitigala. PITIGALA
Thalgaswala Old Bus StandNiyagama, THALGASWALA
Uragasmanhandiya Bus Stand0913021256Uragasmanhandiya. URAGASMANHANDIYA
Wanduramba Bus Stand0912294320Mapalagama Road, WANDURAMBA


Ambalantota Bus Stand0473620307Ambalanthota. AMBALANTHOTA
Beliatta Bus Stand0473620307Beliatta. BELIATTA
Beliatta Bus Stand0472243665Beliatta. BELIATTA
Hambantota Bus Stand0473620305Tissa Road, HAMBANTOTA
Kirinda - Bus Stop-Kirinda. KIRINDA
Lunugamwehera Bus StandWellawaya Road,New Town, LUNUGAMWEHERA
Middeniya Bus Stand0473620303Middeniya. MIDDENIYA
Ranna Bus StandTissa Road, RANNA
Sooriyawewa Bus Stand0473620304Sooriyawewa Town, SOORIYAWEWA
Tangalle Bus Stand0472240853Tangalle. TANGALLE
Tissamaharamaya Bus Stand0472239484Tissamaharamaya. TISSMAHARAMAYA
Walasmulla Bus Stand0473479923Walasmulla. WALASMULLA
Walasmulla Muduna Old Bus StandMuduna Junction, WALASMULLA
Weeraketiya Bus Stand0473620302Middeniya Road, WEERAKETIYA


Akuressa Bus Stand0413414028Akuressa AKURESSA
Dickwella Bus Stand0418857823Mahawela Road, DICKWELLA
Hakmana Bus Stand0413004004Beliatta Road, HAKMANA
Kamburupitiya Bus Stand0413004003Kamburupitiya. KAMBURUPITIYA
Kirinda-Puhulwella Bus-Stand0413004006Kirinda, KIRINDA
Makandura Bus StandMulatiyana Road, MAKANDURA
Matara Bus Stand0412220848Matara MATARA
Mulatiyana Bus Stand0412268066Mulatiyana. MULATIYANA
Urubokka Bus Stand0413004005Kotapola Road, URUBOKKA
Weligama Bus Stand0413004002Weligama. WELIGAMA
Weligama Bus Stand0413004002Weligama. WELIGAMA
Yatiyana Bus-StandYatiyana. APAREKKA