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Welcome To Southern Provincial Road Passenger Transport Authority


It is appreciated the Southern Provincial Road Passenger Transport Authority, Having Excellent Passenger transport services during for the past few years. Especially, Carrying out & prepared scientific general time tables, Expanding office service and school services, Producing well developed human resources having offered them training Officers & well bus service crew. Flowing Tender procedures with transparency to issue new passenger route permit, undertaking arrangements to improve the infrastructure facilities Ect..

It is my opinion that the www.sprpta.lk website introduce by Southern Provincial Road Passenger Transport Authority today (02.12.2009) will make aware for worldwide passengers about Bus time tables & fares, details pertaining to the distances of the respective services and the infrastructure facilities developments and today we have to face a great competition with the times so using this website they can manage their times. 2009 was declared as the year of information and technology as it is so, I take this opportunity to express my thanks to all these officers of the Authority for having taken quick actions to connect, The Southern Province Transport website with the internet.